G Female Stimulating Gel

Female Stimulating Gel

[G] Female Stimulating Gel ... A Fun Personal Sexual Gel For Her... and Him!

Introducing [G] Female Stimulating Gel! A no-mess water-based sexual gel. Now women can experience more pleasure than they ever thought possible - naturally! When applied to the most sensitive area, [G] Stimulating Gel warms and tingles, it helps increase sensitivity, satisfaction and pleasure during foreplay and intercourse. Made of natural ingredients in a silky smooth, water based gel - you'll experience long-lasting pleasure - with or without a partner! It's the number one choice for sexual comfort and fun.

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Great product. First time trying something like this and it added a lot. It's not sticky and doesn't need to be cleaned off after. Glad we found this..

Our Stimulating Gel has a 4 1/2 Star rating on Amazon.com

- Old City Family Amazon.com testimonial

G Stimulating Gel

Sensual Massage

Massage Gel and Intimate Lubricant

Sensual Massage Gel Is The ultimate silky, sexy experience.

End a day of stress or begin a night of passion with Sensual Massage. This long-lasting, silky glide is specially formulated to enhance the power of touch and leave your skin radiant and sexy smooth. It's a sexy 2-in-1 massage gel and lubricant for your most intimate moments. Set the mood and arouse your lover's entire body with Sensual Massage - for the perfect intimate massage and whatever happens next. Sensual Massage elevates any massage experience. It's scientifically designed to provide long lasting massage while moisturizing and conditioning your skin. The ultimate silky sexy experience. For a sensual massage and whatever comes next.

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This is the best product! No sticky no complaints at all. A little goes a long way too! I have used many many products and this is the best.

Sensual Massage has a 4 1/2 Star rating on Amazon.com

- Flat Nannas "Flatz" Amazon.com testimonial